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Year To Date

Where the hell are we? The year is close to over already - it's been a slow crawl but big things have happened this year.

And even bigger for the next, we hope and plan.

The album - 'Flowers and Lies'? - finished.

We have drip fed 4 songs out now and the response has been excellent.

The songs are getting played worldwide, getting some good numbers from the streaming platforms - Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and starting from only April, our Twitter followers have increased from 0 -700+

Mid year we also commenced work on our, what-is-turning-into-an-epic, music video for 'Flowers and Lies'.

'Our guy', Jason Mildwaters, owner of JLM Studios has been phenomenal for us, has helped us realize the initial visionary and has bought some great input into the presentation of the video.

We have seen some rushes and stills from the shoot and it's going to turn out fantastic.

We have just a few more scenes to film, then editing and post production.

We can't wait to show you what we have done here.

In other news, we have finalized a live set listing which incorporates songs from 'Flowers and Lies', a couple of Paul's earlier tracks that predate this line up as well as a surprise or two and building the elements of our live show will be front and centre, heading in the end of the year.

When we gig, we want to gig big!

Thanks for being there for this part of the new journey. We have laid the groundwork for an exciting 2020.

Look forward to seeing you.


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