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"A barren modern landscape. Stark. Bleak. Devoid of life...

Elements of a lost time, captured, blended and molded on to the facades of the eras, creating this new reality.

This age is ripe for the new. The fresh. Vibrant.

A storm is coming, it's sound both the thunder and a wind across the face of the plain.

It is the sound of inception, formation and conception.


A Genesis...."

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"'KAISER and the Machines of Creation' are the brainchild of Australian songwriter/vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire, Paul Kaiser.

Now, in it's third incarnation, the outfit has released it's debut album, 

Recorded between at 'Ghostnote Studios' in Adelaide-Australia, and additional tracks recorded in Paul's home studio in 2020, the nine song release is an eclectic mix of soaring,

melodic, hook-laden classic hard rock, expertly blended with the roar of the new.

Backed by a cast of some of South Australia's finest musicians>

Steve Anderson-Bass Guitar, Simon Timoshanko-Drums and Keyboardist-Matt Redmond, the band are ready to forge inroads into 2021 and lay the foundations for the journey beyond.

Those who believe they are already familiar with the work of Kaiser will be in for an aural surprise.

For those soon to be familiar....

Welcome to the Machine!"

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