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'wE'll Climb the mountain'


Kaiser and the machines of creation


Hi people. This week we have released our latest track in the form in of a lyric video! 

We hope you'll enjoy, 'We'll Climb The Mountain", one of the two tracks from the album that was mastered by Maor Appelbaum in Los Angles, California.


Elsewhile, we are working hard on the physical release of our album 'Flowers and Lies' which is fast coming to fruition....


The cover art is being created by the awesome Angvs Smith from right here in Adelaide. Have a look at some of his previous works here at his Instagram page to see why we are excited to be working with him!


Much Love For 'Who Decides'

It would be an understatement to say we are thrilled with the reception we have been receiving, worldwide, for our previous release, 'Who Decides'...

Have a read through of a selection of the reviews that the song has been attracting since it's launch...


New Interview

Finally, we'll sign off for now with a short chat that Paul had recently with Dizzy Storms of The Flipside blog...


All and all, an exciting month ahead....

Thank you for listening and for your continued support,

KAISER and the Machines of Creation




Flowers and Lies

The Music Video

Thank you:


For supplying backline for the Flowers and Lies video.

NEW ALBUM Arriving 2020: -'Flowers and Lies'-
Hear 4 tracks in pre-release here:

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